ATV Accident in Tooele, County

On April 26, 2020  Liz (Mayra) Herrera was involved in an ATV accident in Tooele, County while recreating in the FiveMiles Pass trail. KSL News reports that Mrs. Herrera was airlifted to the nearest hospital in critical condition and sustained traumatic injuries to the head and arms. Mrs. Herrera is currently in a coma fighting for her life.  A Go Fund Me page has been organized for Mrs. Herra to help cover medical bills. People are welcome to donate. 

We feel terribly sorry for the situation Mrs. Herrara is facing and we hope she recovers soon. Our law firm is experienced in helping victims of ATV crashes getting their medical bills paid and receiving compensation. We can help take away the anxiety of legal work while the client focuses on healing. 

Bobby Udall is an experienced Personal Injury Attorney licensed in Utah and in California. If you are in need of legal representation following an automobile accident please reach out to our office at 801-980-7777 to schedule a free consultation.

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