Your Personal Injury Lawyer


Your Personal Injury Lawyer


Any case or claim that involves an injury to the body or mind falls under the umbrella of personal injury law. Some of the most common types of cases handled by a personal injury lawyer are:

Auto Accidents

According to data released by the National Safety Council (NSC), in 2016 there were more than 40,000 traffic fatalities in the United States. For the first time in 10 years, NSC estimates that the cost of deaths, injuries, and property damage attributed to crashes in 2016 totaled $432.5 billion.

Wrongful Death

 A wrongful death claim may arise out of a number of circumstances, such as:
 • Medical malpractice that results in decedent's death;
 • Automobile or airplane accident;
 • Occupational exposure to hazardous conditions or substances;
 • Criminal behavior;
 • Death during a supervised activity.

Our Principles


Our clients deserve an attorney who will keep them apprised so they're not guessing how their case is going.

 I personally meet each client and customize their case to the insurance companies.

We don't sit around and wait for things to happen. We get things done immediately.

We are an aggressive law firm that is simply not afraid to fight the insurance companies.

We understand accidents are stressful, so we make sure to try and make things as easy as possible for our clients.

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Our Advantage / Why Us?

Once you hire us on a personal injury claim, we will deal with the insurance companies on your behalf. Dealing with the insurance companies is extremely stressful. We do it every day and you can let us do this for YOU. The end result will be reduced stress to you and your family.

Many victims of personal injury accidents who are not represented by an attorney fall victim to Statutes of Limitations. These are cut-off periods of time that can extinguish your claim.

Bobby Udall has an advantage in negotiation on a personal injury claim because he can file suit causing the adverse insurance carrier to spend time and money to defend it. The layperson is not capable of putting this pressure on an insurance carrier.

A personal injury claim is a new and extremely frustrating experience for most injury accident victims. Your attorney at The Law Office of Bobby Udall will be with you every step of the way to advise you on all imperative matters involving your case or claim

If your property damage on an auto accident claim is low, insurance companies will take the position that nobody was hurt in the accident. They will force you into litigation. You can’t handle a case like this yourself. Many attorneys don’t want to take these claims because of the work involved and the low settlement amount that insurance companies are willing to pay on these types of claims.

If you've been injured in an accident involving a large company, they will have a team of lawyers at their defense.  It is nearly impossible for unrepresented persons to handle claims against them.  Our experience will relieve you of this pressure.  

Just because you were cited does not necessarily extinguish your claim against the other driver. There are many issues with cases like these. Your accident attorney can fight this issue by investigating and taking witness statements in order to deal with the liability aspect of your claim.

Adjusters will offer unrepresented claimants small settlement amounts in exchange for a full release. Insurance adjusters want to get your signature on a release early on. They take your statement early, try to get you to settle early, they can take advantage of your situation if you do not have an attorney looking out for you.

Alternative dispute resolution is often used in an attempt to settle insurance claims. This is a complicated process which can occur before or after litigation. Insurance companies won’t usually mediate your claim when you are not represented.

If our claim involves these issues, you will need both an expert medical witness and an attorney. Treating physicians are not litigation experts.

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